Since 2000 Kellie has been bringing people together through fitness, health, mindfulness, and travel. When she is not at Balance Studio, a boutique fitness boutique that she founded in 2008, she can be found travelling the globe with family, friends, and adventure minded students from the studio.
Kellie has been teaching Pilates, barre and yoga hybrid classes for the last 20 years and loves combining healthy workouts and like-minded people along with adventure travel. Her mainstay has always been to keep a healthy life balance while away from home. Her goal is a daily dose of fitness; yoga, Pilates, hiking, biking, kayaking etc. to layer on while exploring new cultures and experiences.
Kellie’s certifications include: Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification-2004, 200 Yoga Alliance Certification-2006, Balance Barre Certified Trainer since 2010
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